Megaspel's Mega Game.

Megaspel is me, Megaspel, a virtual floating head modelled after my real face, interviewing creative individuals in a 3D environment.

Megaspel's Megagame is a panel/game show inspired by similar shows on UK TV, such as Have I Got News For You, QI, Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Of course the goal isn't for contestants to win, it's for them to have fun on the show and come up with riffs on the subject matter presented and humorous answers to the trivia questions.

Right now VTuber content is on the verge of exploding. Everyone on the ground floor has a better chance than those who come in later.

Previous Show

My previous show, Megaspel's Megashow, was an amazing experience. I interviewed various entertainers, actors, streamers, musicians, sewers and so on.

It was a mind blowing experience, to do a show in front of so many people, talking to famous and creative individuals I've admired and respected for so long. I was absolutely estatic when Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samurai Jack, laughed at my "Gotcha" animated segment for Worthikids and complimented it profusely.

Panel/Game Shows

The most popular shows in the UK at the moment are panel and game shows, which are easy and cheap to produce, but remains entertaining. Somehow, the format still doesn't have much of global presence, despite the prevelence in the UK. You could be the first to re-capitalize on panel shows outside of America.


Although this isn't a requirement of any viewer, some love to engage more with the show than others.

We invite the audience to join in on our struggle by participating in some of the trivia and game show elements. Fall in love with us and the world we're crafting together.

Try It Out!

The format is scalable. With a small budget, I can create an excellent episode for you, and if people like it, then everything will be easily set up to make more great episodes with new ideas in each one.

Worst case scenario, we find out none British people hate game shows for whatever reason, and your losses are minimal.

Even with little to no clout, several high profile guests, each with diverse, wide audiences, have wanted to come on my old interview show and I have subsequently had excellent episodes with them. People in general seem to be enamored by the unique visual style.

Several people are waiting to come on the show, like Derek from Truthpoint, Tom from Chapo. I'm just itching to ask some more people on. Scroll right to see some of the guests that have been on my previous show "Megaspel's Megashow"

Ian Worthington

Ian Worthington of Worthikids animaton fame was an amazing guest. We talked about viral success, the horrors of animation, with insights only animators could make, and the stresses of an audience, which include his 167K Followers on Twitter.

The Go Off Kings are popular Twitch partners and hilarious people. The guests here aren't all official kings, but they've all enjoyed time there and on my show.

Bakoon is an amazing photographer and artist, who does things like no one else. Chris James hosts a hilarious prank show and has appeared on Office Hours with Tim Heidecker. Stefan Heck, one of the Kings, host "Blocked Party" and has many articles written about the antics he gets up to online. Jesse and Mike host "Your Kickstarter Sucks", a very popular podcast, they have a combined twitter following of over 100k.

Vera Drew and Derek

Vera Drew, director, editor, producer, writer, has worked on Who Is America?, The Eric Andre Show, This American Drew, Tim and Eric's Channel 5, Kraft Punk, Beef House and more.

Derek now stars on Truthpoint, with Dril. He is an amazing individual and his wit is unmatched. He's a great person who has filled me with the confidence I needed for this project.

Yusong Liu

Yusong Liu is the producer of the well known food podcast "Doughboys" as well as other podcasts and assisting the showrunner of Marvel's She-Hulk.

Joe Joan Jack Leslie Cait

Loosely connected to the "Slurp Fam", I've had the pleasure of talking to all these great multi-talented individuals.

Jack and Leslie Lee III host Struggle Session, a great podcast on media. Cait Raft and Joan Ford have written for Thundercats and other shows, and both host Fall Talk. Joe Hartzler is a talented actor who helped me in my first show, he's a great presenter and entertainer.


Here we introduce the guests with a gag, as well as the general concept of the show. Letting the audience know what everyone is known for, while we have a bit of banter and free-form riffing.


The most game-showy part of the gameshow. The contestants have to answer open ended trivia questions, but the goal isn't really to get the answer right away, we want the guests to make jokes, using the question as a framework and a jumping-off point.

Wheel of Random

The wheel "randomly" spins, but in reality it's just a pre-rendered video. This framework lets us experiment with a new concept and a new segment each episode, preventing them from feeling "samey".

Wheel possibilites

There are several segment idea's I'm currently worshopping, all of them are subject to change and refining.

Nazi Humiliation This reqires a lot of preperation. I have already infiltrated several discords with fake identities, my goal is to create a humourous and humiliating conversation with a Nazi who thinks they're talking to someone like them. The guests will have to guess how the conversation is going to turn to gain points. This, of course, is edited to ensure that the Nazi does not gain a platform to espouse any views, ideas or sympathy, but only humiliation.

Role Playing GameUsing Twine to create a very basic framework of a game, the guests must guide me through a fantasy world in order to achieve the goal. This is done in a similar style to Limmy's Falconhoof segment.

Debate Club

Another improv-heavy segment. Guests are invited to thoughourly convince me of a specific subject matter, such as "why Megaspel is great", with the funniest answer taking home the prize of an abritrary amount of points.

Award Ceremony

The guest with the most points at the end will win and be celebrated in the semi-elaborate award ceremoony. They will be presented with a virtual trophy that encorporates design elements of the show and the winning guest's face.

Should the budget allow, I would love to 3D print a real version of the trophy to send to the winner.


At the bare minimum, guests deserve to plug the amazing things they're working on, as well as any social media handles they want to promote.

Once this is done, we leave off with a suitable, or unsuitable catchphrase, and roll the credits with music.

Although the show is design to be very lightweight, using extensive, personally researched, motion capture and fast animation techniques, the show can always be improved with a larger budget. This allows me to not only purchase better technology, but to pay talented people to help.

Additionally, money is required to purchase goods and services such as rent, food and hormones. In my studies I have discovered that these are vital to avoiding a condition commonly known as, "death" which greatly impacts my ability to create an entertaining show.


Microphone quality is one of the weaker elements of the show at the moment. With a tech budget, I'll be able to set up a proper XLR solution, with a decent mixer to avoid inteference causing noise.


Lulu is an amazing video editor and social media manager. Her previous works includes video editor for Matt McMuscles of Super Best Friends fame. She creates amazing content and manages the communites for Aggro Crab Games and AstralShift.

Although she's driven and invested into the game show idea to put her all into editing down the raw footage into just the good bits, I would still love to pay her suitably for her work on the show. I think she would be an amazingly vital part of the team


Besides an improved graphics card, upgrading the CPU, RAM and motherboard will allow me to improve the smoothness of the motion capture, with less hiccups. At the moment my CPU is being fully utilized, so I can't do anything fancy, like switching to different cameras, without risking FPS drops. With more resources, I could make the show much more visally interesting.

A 10900k or 9900k and suitable motherboard would allow me to put all my focus into the show, instead of constantly managing my computer's resources to keep the recording and motion capture running smoothly.


The current software I'm using was bought by Apple in 2016, this unfortunately means to upgrade to a new version of Maya, which would reduce CPU and GPU demand while making everything look nicer, I would have to purchase a new iPhone or iPad and new mocapX software for several hundred dollars.

This may allow me to create a custom rig that attaches to my torso and allows me increased mobility, rather than the small window of which I can current walk around in.

Jack Allison currently hosts a daily morning talk show called JackAM, with it he's amassed a huge twitter following. He's wrote at Funny or Die, Jimmy Kimmel, and The Oscars.

With an increased budget, I would love to work with Jack, who wants to work on this project, to create better and funnier segments throughout the show.

Thank you for your time. My name is Megaspel, or Kodie.

You can contact me at or